Intentional Worship Plan (IWP)

  • Before you leave your home, ask God to quiet your mind and still your heart as you prepare for worship.
  • Spend time in prayer confessing your sins before God. “Clearing the air” with God opens the door to deeper communion with God.
  • Ask God to guide your connections with others before and after worship.
  • Read the sermon text in advance of worship. The text is included in the e-news on the Sat before Sunday worship.
  • Enter the sanctuary with the mindset of a worship participant.
  • Consider volunteering to lead in prayer, readings, or as a member of the worship/media team.
  • Receive communion weekly. The first Sunday of the month we will receive communion together. Other Sundays communion is available from 10:40-10:55 at the cross in the sanctuary.
  • Commit to participating in worship online or in-person at least 40 times in 2022.