OTCC Covid Protocols 

January 1, 2022 

SLC decides to extend suspension of in-person worship services to last through January. 

We hope this note finds you doing well. Earlier this week the Servant Leadership Council (SLC) decided to update our Covid Protocols to extend the suspension of in-person worship services and Bible studies to last through the month of January. If the current situation improves significantly before the end of January, and we hope it does, we will gladly revisit and adjust once again. If it worsens… well, let’s don’t go there yet.

As you are probably aware, the Omicron variant is highly contagious and has proven to be somewhat vaccine resistant. While it seems that boosters protect from serious illness, the CDC has projected 44,000 deaths nationwide due to Covid-19 over the next 4 weeks. There is also concern that the sheer number of cases will overwhelm our healthcare system.

Our historic sanctuary is beautiful. However, it is a small room and the ability to spread out and stay socially distanced is quite challenging. With a virus this contagious, and without requiring someone to be fully vaccinated/boosted to attend worship, we feel this is the most prudent course of action.

These are not easy decisions, and we know people are experiencing Covid fatigue. However, we are also confident that our congregation, when given the choice, will always choose to sacrifice to protect the most vulnerable.

Please remember our congregation, community, and nation in your prayers and please encourage those in your networks to get boosted.

Grace & Peace,

Phil Faig, Senior Pastor

David Joseph, Chairman, SLC