The Churches of South Washington recognize the impact Alive has and wants to help enable it to do even more in 2020, so we’re working together to raise support for them.

Alive stands for Alexandrians Involved Ecumenically. It is a non-profit made up of many faith communities across our city.

We’re joining forces with the Churches of South Washington (Roberts Memorial UMC, Beulah Baptist, and Washington Street UMC) to form a team in ALIVE’s Virtual Walkathon this year. ALIVE! works to provide basic needs and support to people in the city. Together we will raise awareness, raise funds, and make a difference together.

Alive holds a Walkathon every September. This year it’s all digital. We’re all in on raising both awareness and support for Alive together as team Churches of South Washington. Everything that we contribute to Alive along with the other churches goes towards our team total, it stays right here in Alexandria, and it’s tax deductible. You can support Alive through this between now and September 13th. We’ll be sharing Alive stories in worship over the coming Sundays to help share about the big impact they make here in Alexandria. Click the blue button below and then “DONATE NOW” to contribute.